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Episode 105 : School Shootings and Other Tragedies- Help! What Can I say To My Child?

 In response to listener emails about the recent tragic shooting in Florida, Joe and Anea tackle the first of two episodes on how to talk to your children after a school shooting.


Episode 104: Guiding Vs. Programming

 It may seem easiest to just plug our kids into our own values and ways of moving through the world. But if we want our kids to be able to make good choices in our absence and to develop into the truest and fullest version of themselves, it is essential that we avoid the "because I said so" approach (programming) and instead encourage their ability to ask questions and understand why they "should" do anything.



Episode 103: Parenting in Your Own Lane

Have you ever had to deal with that parent in your community who feels compelled to passive-aggressively offer commentary on a parenting choice you've made? Joe and Anea have and on this episode they're sharing their stories and offering tips to understand why people do it and what you can do to make it through those moments without losing your cool.




Episode 102: Parenting, Mini Vans and Vasectomies

Comedian and Screenwriter Bryan Erwin joins Joe and Anea to talk about his new comedy film 'FIXED'. What do you do when you wake up one day and find that the parenting train wasn't quite what you thought it was and that getting off is not an option? You embrace it, trust the daily shenanigans, and stay in touch with your original hopes and dreams. At least that's what Bryan did!


Episode 101: Tools For Toddler Tantrums

Among the biggest challenges we face with toddlers is the dreaded tantrum. Why do tantrums happen and what can we do when they happen? Joe and Anea offer tips you can use that will help you in the moment and can actually give your kids tools for life.



Episode 100: Marriage: The Good,The Bad,The Reality

Many of us have great marriages until we face the challenges of parenting. On this 100th episode Joe and Anea get real (and very transparent) on why it's so important to nurture your relationship or marriage as a core part of being a rad parent.


Episode 99: Are We Taking Our Kids Off Their Own Path?

Is it really possible to love the heck out of our kids, make them the center of our world AND constantly remember that they are completely separate humans on their own path? Turns out it's not only possible, it's essential to their wellbeing.


Episode 98: The Need Behind the Action

 Last week Sarah Silverman demonstrated the importance of looking behind a person's 'bad' behavior to see what's actually going on. As it turns out, there's an important tool for parenting in her inspiring response to a belligerent tweet - as parents it's important to look for and ask our kids what challenging emotion may be behind challenging behavior. Not only will this help to more effectively navigate, address, and change 'acting out', it will also provide tools to do self check ins and taking responsibility throughout our children's lives into aulthood.




Episode 97: Family Vacations Through Your Rearview Mirror

Welcome to RAD Parenting 2018! Joe and Anea kick off the year by reflecting on Joe's family trip over the holidays - everything that went right AND wrong. How can we all learn from the trips many of us just took with our family? What would we do the same and what would we do different to manage expectations and set ourselves up for success while offering teachable moments along the way that our kids can take into their own daily planning and beyond. 


Episode 96: Raising an only child?

Raising an only child and freaking out about how to ensure that they aren't going to be anti-social, non-sharing little brats? Have no fear! There are many steps we can take to create opportunities to learn many of the social skills children learn when they DO have other siblings...without having to invest in having more children. Find out what Anea and Joe have to say about this listener generated topic.


Episode 95: Altruism and creating happy and empowered kids.

Anea spent a day in prison (Yup! You read that correctly) and it ended up sparking a show all about the benefits of teaching our kids altruism. Beyond teaching our kids to simply 'choose kind', actually encouraging them to engage in conscious acts of altruism can go a long way in creating happy and empowered children. Tune in to hear how a day in a maximum security prison with Defy Ventures impacted Anea and how it prompted an unexpected show topic for this week!



Episode 94: Let's talk about 'different'

What do you tell your child when s/he starts to notice and express differences they see in others? Whether it's a person with different color skin, different shaped body, or someone on the autism spectrum, just to name a few, these are powerful teachable moments to encourage understanding and appreciation of differences of all sorts. Joe and Anea tackle this important subject with reference to specific steps you can take with your child.


Episode 93: Being a Rad Parent During The Holiday Season

With the holiday season upon us, various parenting challenges will inevitably present themselves. How can we teach our kids to honor their own traditions as well as those of others? What do we do about the rampant consumerism that can swallow up the spirit of love and kindness that we ultimately want the season to be about? Tune in to hear what Joe and Anea have to say on these challenges and more.


Episode 92: "Mom! Dad! Look what I found?"

 Imagine your 12-year-old snooping in your bedroom and finding a sex toy. That's exactly what happened to a Rad Parenting listener and Joe and Anea tackle what to say and do if it happens to you. You might want to listen to this one when the kids aren't in the car!



Episode 91: Diversity, Bullying, Lying, & Death

We love getting questions from the Rad Parenting community and today Joe and Anea are answering them on air. Tune in to hear a rad mix of topics all in one episode.



Episode 90: Parenting in the face of a sexual assault epidemic

As we watch the reality of sexual assault finally coming to the surface, many parents are wondering how to raise healthy girls and boys who will not find themselves becoming either victims or perpetrators of sexual assault in their teen or adult years. Join Joe and Anea as they discuss the reasons behind the high incidence of sexual assault and what we can do as parents to provide language and tools to create a vastly different reality.



Episode 89 : "I'm 44 yrs old, lets get pregnant!"

Sarah Douger joins Joe and Anea to discuss her extraordinary journey from Punk Rocker to Professor to 'mother of advanced maternal age.' What happens when we find ourselves ready to be parents but our bodies have a different plan? What are the strengths and challenges of parenthood in our 40's? Tune in and find out.


Episode 88: Why is my kid so shy?!

 Are you struggling with a child who clings to you in social settings and acts paralyzed around other kids even though you know s/he wants to play? Do you know the difference between being shy and being introverted? Tune in to find out how to make the distinction and how you can support your child whether shy or introverted.


Episode 87: Are we gaslighting our children?

While many of us have heard of gaslighting when it comes to adult relationships, it is possible to also engage in gaslighting as a parent with our children. Don't know what gaslighting is? Not sure if you're gaslighting your child? Tune in and find out.


Episode 86: Separation Anxiety Solutions

Is your child experiencing separation anxiety? Are you at your wits end trying to drop them off at daycare or school without a crying episode so you can get to work on time? Tune in to find out what you can do to support your child (and yourself) through this challenging obstacle of parenting.


Episode 85: Sorry Not Sorry

We often find ourselves commanding our children to 'say sorry' because it seems like the correct and socially acceptable thing to do. But is this really teaching our kids why it's important to say sorry? Are we setting them up to speak words just to end an uncomfortable moment instead of truly taking responsibility?



Episode 84: Rad Responses for Tough Requests

Sometimes our inclination as parents is to go for the hard 'No' when our kids make a request that throws off our packed-tight routines. But what if we could put in place a protocol that would encourage our kids to think through what they want, why they want it and how they might deal if the plan goes sideways? Joe and Anea approach this episode as a lab for themselves and for Rad parenting listeners and they want to hear from you.


Episode 83: My Body, My Rules!

An important part of keeping our kids connected to and caring for their body is to teach them bodily autonomy as early as possible. What is 'bodily autonomy' you ask? It's the inherent right of every human being to be the boss of their own body. From ensuring that kids are invested in healthy eating, sleeping and general care, to providing tools to set boundaries with their own body and respect those of others, teaching bodily autonomy is a fundamental part of raising whole, healthy humans.


Episode 82: The Good News About the Bad News

 In the age of 'everywhere media' there is no sheltering our kids from 'bad stuff' going on in the world. In the face of the recent hurricane impact in Texas to the events at Charlottesville and so much more, conscious parenting skills are put to the test. Joe and Anea discuss how to create teachable moments by  providing language, perspective and tools that will serve your kids throughout their lives.


Episode 81: The Back To School Episode

It's back to school time and that means we have an opportunity as parents to help our kids create a fresh start with new routines that will set them up for success. Join Joe and Anea as they provide tips and tools for parents of K-6th and 7th-12th graders that will make this important time a little more manageable.


Episode 80: From Summertime to Schooltime

As the summer wanes many of us want to hang on and savor every last minute of vacation mode. But that can make the first week back at school a chaotic nightmare. Anea and Joe offer three practical tips to create a smoother transition from summertime to school year schedule.


Episode 79: Telling Our Kids The Truth

 Anea and Joe are back with a special episode inspired by Anea's daughter.  The idea is simple, "tell our kids the truth". But, sometimes the follow through can be a real test for parents. In this episode, Anea suggests  a few tools that can be helpful when answering those difficult questions kids WILL ask.


Episode 78 "I don't want to talk about kids ANYMORE!"

There is no doubt that becoming a parent can be one of the most fulfilling experiences of our lives. But what happens when we wear our parenting hat so much of the time that we forget how to be an individual and a partner capable of talking about something other than our kids? How can we maintain conscious balance between nurturing ourselves and our relationships in addition to nurturing our children? And why is it important for our children that we do? 


Episode 77: Guidelines+Space=Healthy Kids

Most of us as parents will say that our number one goal in parenting is to raise whole, healthy children. But what does it take to achieve that goal? Most of us are really good at setting guidelines for our children but are we also balancing those guidelines with space for our children to explore and discover who they are, develop a voice, problem solving skills and more? Tune in as Joe and Anea discuss a powerful parenting equation that you can make your own.

Episode 76: Learning How To Talk With Aliens Disguised as Teenagers

Dreading the adolescent communication black out that you fear is either around the corner or will be here before you know it? As it turns out, our kids want lines of communication to remain open with their parents, even through their teen years. The catch is that we need to know how to communicate with them in a way that will keep them talking. Joe and Anea talk through some of the basics that you can start practicing with your kids no matter what their age so that by the time the 'aliens' show up, you know how to speak their language.


Episode 75: How Much Involvement With Our Kids is Too Much?

How much involvement in our children's lives is too much involvement? Joe and Anea explore 'helicopter parenting,' how it can limit our children's development, and ways we can learn to take a step back and give our kids space and opportunity to become the captain of their own ship.


Episode 74: How to do right by our kids even after we lose our cool

As parents, most of us have had a few cringe-worthy moments that we'd love to rewind and erase if we could. What can we do when we lose our cool and say things to or in front of our children that we wish we could take back? How can we ensure that our kids learn from our mistakes, even the ones we make with them? Fear not! There are ways to repair 'ruptures' that can actually be powerful teachable moments around the power of words, exploring our 'triggers' and taking responsibility for our own actions.


Episode 73: To Drink Or Not To Drink...

As our kids move into their teen years trying on different experiences and ways of being in the world is part of the deal. What about when that includes experimenting with alcohol and drugs? What is the best approach to keeping kids informed and safe? Tune in to see what Joe and Anea have to say.


Episode 72: How To Win The Eat Right Fight

 On our mission to raise whole, healthy children, guiding them to develop good nutritional habits is extremely important. Nutrition expert, Annie Jubb, joins Joe and Anea to share mind-blowing realities about the connections between food/nutrition deficiencies and the incidence of anxiety, ADD, ADHD, and more AND how you can ensure that your child is getting what s/he needs from the beginning, how to expand a narrow palate and so much more.


Episode 71: Your Dog,Your Baby

 Finally! Our answer to all those emails about what to do when you're about to have a baby and you're not sure how your beloved dog is going to handle the arrival of your bundle of joy. Guest expert Epi Gumatay joins Joe and Anea to talk about why it's (almost) never too late to teach an old dog new tricks so everyone remains safe and happy as you grow your family.


Episode 70: Failure IS an Option

As parents we are so often inclined to protect our kids from failures large and small but are we actually doing more harm than good? This episode explores the important benefits to a child's growth and resilience when they learn to sit with the discomfort of failure and allow for the many gifts it has to offer.



EPISODE 69: New baby+Extended Family=Good Times?

 Bringing home a new baby and wondering how you're going to deal with well-intentioned parents and in laws who think they should be co-parents? Got older kids and you've been dealing with extended family members who are always offering unsolicited parenting advice? On this episode Joe and Anea offer basic tips for navigating this potentially unpleasant and challenging part of parenting



Episode 68: Breaking the Gender Box

As parents one of our number one priorities iskeeping our children safe for the short-haul and for the long-haul, including incidents of sexual assault. Join Joe and Anea as they explore the ways in which long-standing 'gender boxes' are limiting both boys and girls and putting in jeopardy their healthy development as humans who can engage safely in both sexual and non-sexual contexts


Episode 67: Spoiled Today,Spoiled For Life

Have you set a pattern of constantly giving your kids everything they ask for? Are you always at their beck and call? As it turns out, research tells us that we are limiting our kids' healthy development when we make them dependent on our constant attention AND giving them too much stuff. Take a listen as Joe and Anea discuss how to give our kids what they need rather than everything they want and help them become healthy, whole humans in the process.


Episode 66: Why do you want to be a Parent?

Join Joe and Anea for a show dedicated to a little spring cleaning for the brain as they ask, 'Why DO we have kids?' Whether you are contemplating having your first child or you've already got a couple and you're thinking about having more, this one's got something for you.


Episode 65: Sleep is Your Friend

After a busy week of touring with his family to promote his new comedy album, Joe discovered that a regular sleep schedule is important for teens, too. Join Anea and Joe as they talk about how much sleep kids need at every age, the impact when they don't get enough and how to set routines early on to ensure healthy, happy, high functioning kids.


Episode 64: Holy Sh$t! We have a new baby!

 No matter how prepared you think you are, nothing can really fully prepare you for the first night (AND those first few weeks) with your new little human. Joe and Anea share some of their first 'new baby' experiences, including the ones none of the baby books seem to share.


Episode 63: "Mind the Gap"..the age gap,that is

Ever wonder what the ideal age gap is between children? Thinking that your children might fight less and like each other more if there was more or less of an age gap between them? Joe and Anea explore their own experiences among their children and look to what the experts say is ideal. 


Episode 62: You're Ready To Date Again, But Are Your Kids Ready?

Take a listen as Anea and Joe tackle one of the many questions that divorce parents often ask when discussing dating. "When is the right time to bring someone new into the mix with me and my children?" Divorce can be sticky and so can dating after divorce.

Episode 61: "Mom,why is that little man so old and wrinkly?"

This episode is inspired from one of our listener's emails. Today's topic is about talking with our children about how people come in all different shapes, sizes and colors. In this episode Anea and Joe discuss the idea of how important it is to find these "teachable moments" that are born from the questions our children ask. 


Episode 60: 9 Parenting Topics to Discuss BEFORE or AFTER You Have a Baby

Thinking about having a baby? Already have a couple and navigating the obstacles of parenthood? Join Joe and Anea as they talk through 9 parenting scenarios some experts are recommending you should discuss before having a baby together. Even if you are well into the journey with your child or children, this one is loaded with important topics of parenting that you don't want to miss.

Episode 59: Mom,Dad Are You Going To Die?

Among the most difficult topics we face as parents is the topic of death. What do you do when you need to discuss death with your child? Be it a favorite pet, a grandparent, or worse, the death conversation is the one we least want to have and yet, we must. Tune in to hear Joe and Anea tackle this tough one while still managing to keep the laughter rolling.


Episode 58:The Homework, Shower & Bedtime Battle

Are your kids wearing you down with the sometimes daily battle to do homework, to shower and to get to bed on time? Join Joe and Anea for tips to help you avoid waving the white flag of surrender.


Episode 57: Bad Kids, Good Kids, Our Kids

Is your child constantly befriending the 'troubled' kids at school? Are you unsure of how to handle signs that s/he is engaging in an unhealthy friendship? Before you make any big moves rooted in fear tune in to hear Joe and Anea tackle this all too common challenge of parenting.


Episode 56: Bullies, Boundaries and Building Healthy Relationships

Join Joe and Anea as they continue to tackle the challenge of raising our children with tools to create healthy relationships. Whether dealing with bullies or tricky friendship dynamics, resisting the urge to tell our kids to just run for the hills when they face a difficult social interaction, and instead using these opportunities as teachable moments is an investment in our kids' future ability to create and maintain healthy relationships.

Episode 55: Dressing Our Kids For Success

Join Joe and Anea as they discuss conscious parenting when it comes to how we dress our children. In spite of good intentions, we frequently limit the ability of our children (especially our girls) to move through the world actively, freely and safely by dressing them in clothes that either literally make it difficult to fully engage in play and exploration of the world and/or send strong messages about what makes them 'acceptable' as either girls or boys. Then, as our kids move into their adolescent years, the way in which we 'police' their clothing can do damage in a whole other set of ways.  


Episode 54: Make Ups And Break Ups

Whether your kids are young and dealing with friendship drama or teens dealing with their first break-up, helping them to develop healthy relationships, recognize signs of unhealthy relationships, and survive heartbreak are among the most important important tools we can give them. Join Joe and Anea as they tackle this important topic.


Episode 53: Big Emotions in Front of Little Minds(and big ones)

Parents are human and that means we experience emotions. Many of us think we are always supposed to put on a happy face so our kids don't see us sad...or mad but that can set an example for our children that leads them to stuff emotions that need to be felt and think that sadness means their world is caving in. Join Joe and Anea as they explore some of the important basics of raising emotionally healthy kids. 


Episode 52: Kicking The Morning Chaos

Thanks to your questions and suggestions Joe and Anea are tackling the challenge of morning chaos. On those early school and work days, acting as the captain(s) of your ship to create a more calm, productive routine will not only set everyone off on the right foot for the day, it can help your kids to establish habits that will serve them through their childhood, adolescence and into their adult lives.


Episode 51: It Takes A Village

Joe and Anea discuss the challenge of parenting by your own standards and expectations when you have to deal with kids whose parents have very different expectations of their children...even when they come into YOUR house. How can you maintain your own house rules when applying them to someone else's kids? How do you get your kid to take responsibility for what you deem to be bad behavior when another set of parents is giving their kid a 'pass'? Tune in to find out.


Episode 50: One Night Stand-Up Father

Joe and Anea are joined by actor, comedian and father, Bill Dawes who shares his (sometimes) scandalous story of becoming a father after a one night stand. How did he manage to create a loving, healthy relationship with his now college-bound daughter in spite of a challenging relationship with her mother and living on opposite coasts? Tune in to find out how parenting, those always challenging, can be successful even under the most complicated circumstances.

Episode 49: Period Power

Dr. Suzanne is back in the studio with Joe and Anea and they are tackling the often taboo subject of menstruation. Research tells us that girls who learn about menstruation early and in a positive, celebratory way maintain a better connection to their bodies and have a healthier sense of being female. Tune in to find out how you can better educate yourself and your children (daughters AND sons) on this important biological function that just happens to allow for the continuation of our species. What?!


Episode 48:"Potty Mouth" 

Joe and Anea ponder the impact of swearing around our kids. What is the power of words and what makes a good word bad? Tune in to find out.



Episode 47:Teaching Consent From Year One

 Joe and Anea welcome back Dr. Patricia to talk about the importance of teaching language and tools of affirmative consent to ensure your child has a clear sense of personal agency over her/his body and the ability to set healthy boundaries to stay safe now and in future more adult contexts.



Episode 46: Parenting In The Age Of Cell Phones

Unlike past generations cell phones are everywhere whether we like them or not. What is the appropriate age to allow your child to have a cell phone? How do we navigate ensuring their safety and appropriate access to the wealth of information available once they have a phone? Join Joe, Anea and Dr. Suzanne as they share their experience with this dilemma.



Episode 45: The Magic of Santa

Why do so many of us break the 'no lying' rule when it comes to Santa and is it ok to do so? Joe and Anea compare notes on their own parenting experiences and explore the value of keeping the magic of Santa in our kids' lives.



Episode 44: Shared Custody Doesn't Have To Be A Nightmare With Guest Julian McCullough

Joe and Anea welcome comedian and father, Julian McCullough, to talk about navigating shared custody of his 2 year old daughter. It's often the healthy choice for mom and dad (or mom and mom or dad and dad) not to be together any more but remaining conscious partners in parenting should never end. Tune in to find out what you can do to support your child's continued wellbeing post-divorce.

Episode 43: Surviving The Holidays

The holiday season is upon us which means it's time to navigate parenting through family gathering, travel and powder keg conversations. Join Joe and Anea as they offer suggestions to help you survive this challenging time of year. 



Episode 42: Inside the World of Teens on the Warped Tour (with Kevin Lyman)

Joe and Anea welcome Kevin Lyman, the man who created the Warped Tour 23 years ago and has spent more time than most adults experiencing teen life from the 'inside'. Join us to get the scoop on teens, learn why and how so many of them flock to this extraordinary music festival and find out how parents can come for FREE.


Episode 41: ADHD and Other "Disorders" in a New Light

Joe and Anea welcome back Jennifer Waldburger along with psychotherapist Derek O Neill. Together they explore ADD, ADHD, Autism and more in a whole new light and the ways we, as parents, can better understand and better support our children, their energy and their true potential.



Episode 40: Home Schooling "Test Results"

Join Joe and Anea for their Homeschooling follow-up interview with Finneas O'Connell the 19 year-old son of Home Schooling advocate Maggie Baird. No question is off the table as they explore home schooling benefits and challenges from the child's perspective.


Episode 39: I Can Teach My Kid to Sleep Through the Night?!

Joe and Anea welcome Jen Waldburger, co-founder of Sleepy Planet Parenting, to talk about why kids have trouble sleeping through the night and how parents can effectively teach their kids to be good sleepers, as early as 4-5 months of age. 


Episode 38: This Episode is for Parents of Gay Kids (with author Kristin Russo)

Joe and Anea welcome Kristin Russo, author of This Is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids, and together they explore the challenges parents face when their child 'comes out' as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. Just as it can be extremely difficult for an adolescent to navigate 'coming out' to their family, many parents also face a 'coming-out-as-the-parent-of-a-gay-child' process of their own, usually with no map or guide on how to do so in a supportive, loving and accepting way.


Episode 37: Expectations of Parenting

Are you trying to be the perfect parent? This week Joe and Anea tackle the topic of managing the parenting expectations that we place on ourselves.



Episode 36: Home Schooling in a Whole New Light

Although an increasing number of families are choosing to home school their children, many of us are still unclear about the real benefits and challenges of doing so. Maggie Baird a seasoned homeschooler joins Joe and Anea to share her journey.


Episode 35: Wayne's World...With a Toddler (Wayne Kramer)

Legendary musician Wayne Kramer is in the studio with Joe and Anea talking about becoming a parent after 60, the trials of toddlerhood and so much more.



Episode 34: Sex Ed Starts With You

Wanna raise a whole human being who is capable of one day creating healthy and fulfilling sexual experiences? Most of us do and Dr. Patricia is joining Joe and Anea to guide us through this extremely important but always daunting part of parenting.

Episode 33.jpg

Episode 33: Eenie, Meenie, Miney Mo...

...to what school should my children go? Joe and Anea are exploring one of the most difficult and important decisions parents have to make. Tune in tohear what their experience has guided them to learn and how it can help you.


Episode 32: There's a Freaking 4th Trimester?!?!

Dr. Suzanne is back and she's talking with Joe and Anea about the little known '4th Trimester'.  Whether you've got a baby on the way, you've just had a baby OR you know someone who has, you're going to want to tune in for this game-changing episode that explains those crazy-making first three months out of the womb and what you can do to survive them.


Episode 31: Holding on to the Summer Yummy

It's back-to-school time and Joe and Anea are talking about how to hold on to the typically more calm energy and quality time of summer with our children. Tune in to find out how you can begin the new school year with the ability to keep some of the 'summer yummy', lessen the chaos, and still get it all the essentials done.

Episode 30.jpg

Episode 30: Spirituality in Parenting (with Ben Lee )

Joe and Anea welcome Australian musician and actor, Ben Lee. Tune in to hear them dive deep and explore the rich and layered topic of spirituality and how we can invite and create opportunities for spiritual exploration with our children.


Episode 29: The Zika Virus

Dr. Suzanne is back! Joe and Anea dive into the latest scare for pregnant women around the world... the Zika virus. Tune in to get the scoop on its causes and what you can do to protect yourself if you're pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant.


Pink nail polish for everyone? Dealing with gender stereotypes.

Joe and Anea take on the challenging and charged topic of gender norms. How can we find balance between teaching our children not to be limited by gender stereotypes while providing them with awareness and tools to manage limiting societal messages they will inevitably see and hear through their peers, media and more? Tune in as Joe and Anea take a first pass at this important topic.


Single Parenting on Steroids (Fallon Smythe and Rebecca Prephan)

Joe and Anea welcome Nickelodeon actress Fallon Smythe and her mom Rebecca to talk about the challenges and triumphs of single parenthood from both the parent's and the child's perspectives.


To Be Alone or Not to Be...

Joe and Anea explore the pros and cons of children having alone time and the guidelines we, as parents, can apply to ensure maximum benefit. Doors open or closed? Should children have televisions in their room? How much screen and tech time is too much? A mix of opinions are flying around along with the usual banter in this very practically focused episode.


Growing Up Gay

Inspired by your emails, Joe and Anea welcome Clay Patane who shares with heartfelt eloquence his story of growing up gay and then raising children as a gay dad. Whether you are raising a child who is coming out, raising children as a gay parent or just want to make sure you are creating adequate and loving space for your child to discover their own unique self, this one's for you.


Self-Defense: Part 2 (With Self-Defense Expert Ellen Snortland)

On this follow up to Episode 22 on self defense, Joe and Anea welcome Impact Personal Safety Lead Instructor and author, Ellen Snortland. Beginning with her own traumatic experience being faced with a knife-wielding robber in her home to dedicating her life to 'normalizing' self-defense, Ms. Snortland makes compelling arguments for why providing self-defense classes for our children (and ourselves) is one of the most important things we can do as parents.


Running, Crying and Savoring the Moments

Ever find yourself lamenting the feeling that time seems to move at warp speed when it comes to your kids? Missing those snuggling toddler moments as you white knuckle your way through adolescence? Joe puts Anea on the spot and asks how she manages to navigate her relationships with her 20 year-old AND 7 year-old daughters and what she's learned along the way about enjoying every age.

Self-Defense Classes - The Gift That Keeps On Giving

From deterring bullies to defending themselves against predators, Joe and Anea examine the importance of self-defense classes for kids. With special attention paid to how self-defense classes instill the potentially life-saving notion for girls that they are NOT damsels in distress, this episode is a game-changer.


Fan Questions

It's here! Joe and Anea are answering your RAD emails on another informative and laughter-filled episode. What do we do when our child insists on lying? How can we effectively wear more than one 'hat' as a parent? And so much more...including an update on Joe's daughter's party - the one she asked him not to attend! 


Maz Jobrani

Joe and Anea sit down with comedian, actor and writer Maz Jobrani to chat about growing up Iranian AND American, figuring out how to balance an insane schedule while being a present, conscious parent and finding the lessons we most want to teach our kids.



Jimmy Lindberg and Tales From The Circle Pit of Parenthood

In this extended edition of Rad Parenting, Joe and Anea sit down with frontman and songwriter of the influential punk rock band Pennywise, Jimmy Lindberg. As the father of THREE girls and the author of Punk Rock Dad (the inspiration for the 2010 documentary The Other F Word), Jimmy had a lot to share about the balancing act required to being an effective parent while fronting an anti-establishment punk rock band...and always trying to find that sweet spot that allows him to be the best he can be at both.

Identity Crisis

Joe and Anea are answering emails again! This one is on a topic we can all relate to regardless of how young or old our kids are - how to maintain our identity and passions as individuals once we become parents and why it's so important that we do so.


Baby's on the way! Now what?

Pregnant and wondering what you've gotten yourself into as you ponder endless questions about pregnancy and child birth? Joe and Anea welcome special guest (and Anea's OBgyn) Dr. Suzanne to talk through some of the challenges expectant parents face and what we can do to embrace one of the most transformative rides of our lives. From the best time to start looking for YOUR ideal doctor to, vitamins you can take before and during pregnancy and how the non-pregnant partner can be a gold-star supporter.



Rad Parenting Even Through Divorce

Joe and Anea tackle one of the most difficult challenges many parents face - effectively parenting through a divorce. As it turns out, divorce doesn't have to screw up your children, especially if you go into it with clear intentions and an awareness that the end of a marriage does not have to mean the end of your family.


H2O's Toby Morse - One Life One Chance

Parenting 101: Be A United Front

You've heard Joe and Anea talk about the fact that as parents, we are always on stage and our kids have a front row seat. In this episode they take it to the next level and discuss the importance of being a united front as much of the time as possible and why this is essential to healthy growth and development, giving your kids a sense of safety and so much more.


The Hazards of Modeling Inequality in Your Household

Fresh off of actually reading Anea's book, Joe is armed and ready with his questions on why it is so important to model equality in our home, especially since our kids have a front row seat for almost everything we do as parents. 



Down with... Dad Shaming

How can a man deal with other people looking down on him for wanting to be a stay-at-home dad? What about when his friends tease him because he wants to forego the football game to hang with his kids? Where does the shaming come from? 


"And then there were 3" w/ guest OK GO's Dan Konopka

Joe and Anea spend an information packed hour with OK GO drummer, Dan Konopka. From bringing home baby and struggling to stay connected to your partner, to setting boundaries with toddlers, this episode makes it comfortingly clear that parenting is the great equalizer.


Date Night? Really?

While our inclination as parents is to put our children at the center of our world, sometimes we get so caught up in our role as mom or dad that we forget to nurture the relationship with our partner. In yet another laughter-filled episode, Joe and Anea discuss why creating 'date nights' is actually an essential part of good parenting.


Dad you're gross! Mom you're weird!

Has the day come when your child wakes up and suddenly wants nothing (or very little) to do with you? Or are you dreading the arrival of that inevitable day on her/his journey through adolescence? Join Joe and Anea for some comforting insight on why this is totally normal and healthy AND what you can do to make the best of it.


Steve Caballero

Joe and Anea sit down for an extended Rad-Parenting session  with Steve Caballero, the man Thrasher Magazine named, 'Skater of the Century.' Steve shares his many life lessons as a  skateboard legend and now as a parent and grandparent. 


Chris Shiflett of The Foo Fighters 

Buckle up and join Joe and Anea as they welcome Foo Fighters lead guitarist Chris Shiflett to talk about all things parenting and beyond. Chris shares his personal struggles with parenting three boys from afar while on the road touring, the ways he sees the influence of his own parents on his role as a dad, and his number one tip for parenting success.


Self-Defense Classes - The Gift That Keeps On Giving

From deterring bullies to defending themselves against predators, Joe and Anea examine the importance of self-defense classes for kids. With special attention paid to how self-defense classes instill the potentially life-saving notion for girls that they are NOT damsels in distress, this episode is a game-changer.


Making Your Home The Hangout Space

Playdates feel like a piece of cake compared to group hangouts when our kids become teens. Joe and Anea explore the benefits of making your home the place your teen and their friends want to hang out. From pizza ovens and fire pits to back yard movie screenings, how making your home a safe place for your teen and his/her friends will provide the social time they crave with safe guidelines...even when hormones are raging.

Let's Talk About Sex

You wouldn't want your child to drive or surf without being well informed so why are so many parents reluctant to talk to their kids about sex? Joe and Anea tackle the topic that makes most parents squirm at the thought of it. Why, when and how to let your kids’ question.


The Care & Keeping of You: The Body Book for Girls

My Body, My Self for Girls by Lynda Madaras and Area Madaras

The "What's Happening to my Body?" Book for Girls by Lynda Madaras with Area Madaras

Period. A Girl's Guide by JoAnn Loulan & Bonnie Worthen

The Seven Sacred Rites of Menarche: The Spiritual Journey of the Adolescent Girl



Breaking the Code: How To Keep Communicating With Your Kids

When they're little it seems like they won't stop talking and then as adolescences sets in, they suddenly clam up, leaving you in the dark. Joe and Anea talk about the do's and don'ts of laying a strong foundation for communication with your kids throughout their lives, and what to do if you're worried that it's too late.



Mini-Me Syndrome

Joe and Anea explore what Anea calls 'The first rule of parenting: Check your ego at the door!' With stories of their own hilarious parenting triumphs and foibles (and tons of banter) Joe and Anea discuss the importance of maintaining balance between creating safe guidelines for your child while allowing room for discovery of her/his own likes and dislikes (even when they're radically different than your own!)



The Pitfalls of 'Daddy's Little Girl' Parenting

Meet your hosts, Joe Sib and Anea Bogue as they tackle the most difficult job on the planet in radical new ways. In this premiere episode, Joe and Anea look at how even well-intended 'Daddy's Little Girl' parenting is limiting our daughters AND our sons...and how we can do it better.